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Apr 8, 2001 05:03 PM

Downtown Palo Alto Dining

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I'm in dire need of a Restaurant for a group of 25 people for Dinner on a Friday night!! If anyone knows of a place with good food, moderate prices,semi-private dining area, I would really appreciate any information. I don't know the area too well, but I do like the area around University Avenue.

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  1. I just attended a dinner for 30 at MacArthur Park in PA. The service and food were very good. American food (ribs and fish). They set up a long table on the balcony (it's inside the restaurant). It was very nice. Beware! It's tough to find so warn your guests.

    1. Around University Ave. I like -

      Evvia - Greek - I'm not aware of any semi-private area

      Mandarin Gourmet - Chinese - private room for about 20

      Osteria - Italian - back half of the restaurant could be semi-private

      Reservations may be difficult...parking always is!

      Check out the Palo Alto Weekly's online reviews: