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Apr 4, 2001 11:57 PM

Posh Bagels are horrible!

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I was in the new Mollie Stone's in San Mateo. Picked up my usual assorted bagels from the House of Bagels bins and saw the Posh Bagel bins next to the HoB's. I'd heard of Posh, but never had one. I was apprehensive when I squeezed one and it had about the same amount of give as a doughnut. Bought one, toasted it and came *this* close to throwing the damn thing away.

In comparison, Noah's are practically straight out of Brooklyn! (no, no, they're not at all!! that's just how bad Posh's are!)

The Posh folks should be shot for passing their wares off as the genuine article.

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  1. Doesn't Mollie have some responsibility re: quality of goods sold? Or is a store's responsibility ONLY to provide things for sale?

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    1. re: Mark B

      Katz Bagels
      16th street near valencia
      boiled and baked
      best in the west
      better than some in the east ;)

    2. I think your comment my warrant some discussion. I love bagels...always have. BUT, there are bagels for different tastes. I like Noah's, but they are very soft and unbagel-like. I have eaten true NY bagels many years ago on upper Broadway, and they were traditionally chewey. People now like softer bagels and seem to expect everything under the sun mixed in. I would venture that the true bagel (eggy, chewey, glossy and rather blah tasting) would not appeal to todays chowhound (unless, of course, its covered with cream cheese and lox).

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      1. re: Jim H.

        Those people wouldn't know a true bagel if it hit them upside the head.

        Noah's (and I assume, Posh's) bagels are not bagels. They're not boiled, they're steamed.

        I think you just insulted 95% of the Chowhound population by implying they prefer a steamed "bagel".

      2. j
        Judith Hurley

        I'm from Brooklyn originally (this to establish some credibility). There are no bagels in this area. There are only toroidal breakfast pastries, masquerading as bagels. Bagels are boiled. There is no real lox. Lox is sliced, with great skill, off an actual fish. There are also no real bagel stores. In no REAL bagel store would it take twenty minutes to get a bagel. I also question the "hecksher" that indicates that some local bagel stores are kosher. How can they possibly be kosher when they're filthy (ever look at the floor in Noah's)? How can they possibly be kosher when nobody working there has the first clue what the word means. No bagels. No lox. No real bagel stores. Sigh.

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        1. re: Judith Hurley

          Just as a minor nit, House of Bagels DOES boil their bagels. No, they're not like in NY, but it is a real bagel.

          Can't help you with the lox situation, but Trag's Market in downtown San Mateo does make their own smoked whitefish. My wife and I get that and their homemade gefilte fish every year for Passover. The whitefish is *very* close to what I've eaten in NYC.

        2. Yeah well my wife and I are the original customers at Noah's in Sunnyvale. They have gone so far south in quality and service that we'll take a Posh bagel over Noah's and HoB's any day. HoB in Sunnyvale is even worse than Noah's and that is hard to imagine.