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Apr 4, 2001 06:55 PM

Frogs and Wu Kong

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Hey all,

Two brief questions for those true Hong Kong-ese gourmands out there in the bay area:

1) Any recommendations on good Chinese restaurants that serve frog?

2) Is there a new Wu Kong's Restaurant anywhere in Northern California? (What happened to them?) Know of any comparable Shanghainese restaurants? Pray tell!

Thanks, in advance, for the feedback.


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    Melanie Wong

    Hello YL, can't help you with #1, although live frogs are widely available for sale in SF Chinatown stores. Wu Kong in SF closed up shop a few years ago, was not even close to the quality of the Hong Kong parent.

    Driving south on 280 is a much easier proposition than heading into SF from where you are. Here's a link to a prior discussion of Silver Wing in Cupertino.

    Fwiw, my parents recently had dim sum at Joy Luck, Cupertino which is mentioned in the same thread. Opens before 10am on weekends, above average quality overall, and the hom sui gok were excellent, they say.


    1. The Great Eastern in Chinatown had a tank with frogs in it as well as the usual crabs, prawns, lobster and various fish. Don't know how this restaurant compares with the best places in the Bay Area. Maybe others can help there.

      1. Driving on Geary on Friday, I noticed a restaurant called Sun Wu Kong. Depending on the actual Chinese characters, this could mean new Wu Kong. Don't know whether this is related to the earlier incarnation.

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I think that name belongs to the Monkey God from the Chinese classic, Journey to the West. "New" is "xin."

          1. re: Limster

            Ah yes, the Monkey King. Somewhere in my mess I have the three-volume cartoon/English version of "Journey to the West" that I purchased in S'pore.

            In Cantonese, "new" is "sun". I had a fractured logic that although Wu Kong restaurant in Hong Kong is Shanghainese (actually features many Western Chinese specialties), maybe they'd use "sun" to designate a new branch as many other Hong Kong restaurants do.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              There is a terrific abridged English translation by Arthur Waley. Well worth reading. I also have the 3-volume University of Chicago edition, which is a bit much for my tastes. There was also a TV version shown on PBS a few years back (with English subtitles) that was quite good.

        2. YL - we had frogs last night at Seafood Harbor in Millbrae. It's on the Chinese menu. In our group several of us commented that it's been a while since we've seen it on a restaurant menu, even though the frogs are available for sale in the markets.

          This was the whole frog (cut into pieces), not just the legs. We chose the version sauteed with bitter melon (fu gua) and black bean sauce. Highly recommended!