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Jan 8, 2003 08:43 PM

Where to find panko bread crumbs . . .

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I'm trying a recipe that calls for it and know that it's a Japanese food ingredient. I haven't yet tried though suspect that Whole Foods will have it, but, can anyone suggest a place near/around N Arlington/Falls Church that will have it for sure? I thought of course of any food market in the Eden Center might.

Cheers and many thanks -


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  1. Not sure about Eden Center, but any of the Korean groceries (Lotte, Han Ah Rheum, Super H, etc) will have it. It's more of a Japanese/Korean thing, so Vietnamese stores may not carry it.

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      Just bought some at Han Ah Rheum (Gallows Rd. at Lee Highway in Merrifield, a short hop from Falls Church).

      If you go in the front doors and then head toward the left side of the store (toward the lunch counter), they are very close to the front in an aisle with rice flour, etc.

      I've been looking all over for them; where do you all find them in places like Giant, Fresh Fields, etc? With the breadcrumbs, or with the Asian ingredients? Usually I shop with my 2-year-old, so I keep forgetting to ask at customer service (if you've ever shopped with an active 2-yo, you may know what I mean!).

      1. re: ScooterMom

        At Fresh Fields I think they were next to the fish counter...

    2. Another place is the Asian-Thai Market on Rt. 123/Maple Avenue in Vienna (east of the Nutley St. intersection with 123). They always have it in stock.

      1. As others have said, all of the Korean supermarkets (Korean Korner, Lotte, et al) carry them. The Fresh Fields on P Street usually has them, as does Daruma (of course) in Bethesda...

        1. I get mine at Shoppers and have seen them in Giant (where they are more expensive), so check your regular shopping place.

          1. Concur---don't need to go to a specialty market for this. I've even found them at the Ft. Myer commissary, so I think any local grocery store will have them.