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Apr 1, 2001 09:03 PM

High End/Fine Dining reccomendation Oakland Area! On short notice!

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I was hoping some of the members of this list who are knowledgeable in fine/high end dining. I.e. upscale or whatever you like to call it could reccomend some restauraunts in the Oakland area were a single person or maybe a couple could be seated if they walk in without reservation. Pricing is not a consideration.

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    Caitlin McGrath

    It certainly depends on time and day of week, but...on a less busy day, you could try Bay Wolf on Piedmont or Citron on College just south of the Rockridge BART. Also their new "small dishes" place, A Cote, right next door, though it sounds as if waits are common there now. Certainly the downstairs bar (which serves food) at Oliveto, right across from Rockridge BART.

    1. There is a website called that can get you same day reservations for some of the city's top restaurants. You pay a fee for getting reservations at peak hours, but get a discount if you choose to go at an off-peak time. i haven't tried using dinnerbroker in SF, but a friend of mine has, and said she had no problems at all. I've added the link below. Hope you have a great time!