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Apr 1, 2001 01:53 PM

Masa's, Postrio or Fifth Floor?

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I am planning a fall vacation in San Francisco. I think this will be my fourteenth trip to the Bay Area. Needless to say, I am madly in love with your incredible part of the world.
I want to have at least one really special dinner while we are there. These are the 3 restaurants I am considering. Should I be thinking about somwhere else too? Which one of these 3 do you think would be best? I am leaning away somewhat from Postrio because we also plane to dine at Hawthorne Lane, and I understand that the chefs/owners came from Postrio.
On the day of our arrival, we will probably go to Kuleto's - near our hotel and reliable food. We also want to try Cafe Jacqueline - the idea of all those souffles intrigues me.
Any comments you have would be very much appreciated.

Susan Edge,
Edmonton, Alberta

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  1. The food at Postrio is wonderful as is the service. However, I have yet to find a more incredible eating experience than Masa's. I tried the tasting menu and each of the six dishes (plus 2 chef's tasters and an order of foie gras, so 9 in all)was the best I've ever tasted for that specific dish. Service was great and the wine pairing was almost perfect. However, the meal was 3 HOURS long! The servings were VERY small but after 3 HOURS, I was full somehow. The food and service was among the best I've experienced. But snack a little before you go and make sure to bring someone you can sit with for 3 hours.

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      i haven't been to either Masa's or Postrio, but i have been to Fifth Floor and it is pretty amazing. the service is good, quite quick for a posh restaurant, and the servings (in particular the main courses) are well-sized (i.e.,they give you more than a mouse's earfull). the desserts are out of this world. they spin ice cream to order - and it is so fresh, soft and creamy. they also have an amazing caramelized banana split with a variety of sauces.

      for the main course, i had the trio of lamb (loin, shank, and rib chop) which i had had recommended to me and i was not disappointed. the portions of lamb were very hearty and the loin (covered in a delicious reduction of some sort) was one of the best lamb dishes (each cut of lamb was prepared in a different way) i have ever tasted. DIVINE.

      they also have a fantastic wine list. definitely give Fifth Floor a try.

    2. Well , for starters, I would kick Postrio out of that group - very good food, but not up to the level of the other two. Fifth Floor has Morrone - tried and true, always great. The wild card is Siegel now at Masa's - if the Iron Chef hits his marks, then you should have a fabulous meal! I would take the chance on Masa's, I have not been there since Seigel moved (figure I'll give it another month or 2 to make sure all the kinks get straightened out), but I am looking forward to it. My .02

      1. If you end up selecting Masa's or Fifth Floor for dinner, I'd recommend checking out Postrio for brunch. The decor, consisting of massive flower arrangements and bright colors, makes it a great place to start the day, and the last time I was there I had the scambled eggs with lobster which was excellent. Something I now crave constantly, but unfortunately don't have accesible every morning.
        Hope you enjoy San Francisco's fine dining!

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          Thanks to all who replied to my post. Nancy, brunch at Postrio is a marvellous suggestion - we will be staying at the Prescott, so we will just have to wander downstairs. The restaurant sounds really gorgeous.
          For dinner, I think we will try Masa's - I've checked the menu on-line, and the food sounds fabulous!

          1. re: Susan Edge

            Postrio is one of my very, very favorite brunch places. I too like the eggs with marscarpone and lobster, but the real standout dish IMHO is the duck.
            It comes with wonderful buns stuffed with all kinds of greens and sprouts, you just tuck some of the sticky skinned duck in them.

            Please be sure to report back re: Masa's. There is a brand new Chef and cooking staff, and you may be the first of us to have tried it.