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Dec 11, 2002 12:38 PM

Slovenian smoked sausages

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My Slovenian housemate used to bring these home from Cleveland--has anyone seen them anywhere in DC or No. VA? He thinks it unlikely that I could find them outside of the midwest or even the Cleveland area...Amy

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  1. I found it very difficult to find good, traditional Eastern European foods like sausages, keilbasa and pierogies in DC. You have to either head back to the midwest or go north. Philadelphia has such places if you know where to look for them, but that's easier said than done. The Polish deli in the Trenton Farmers Market is the closest place that I've found where you can get all kinds of fabulous old-world liverwursts, keilbasas, roulades, and other meat products you'd probably wished you'd never seen. The deli there is amazing in its variety and carries many goods beyond the traditional Polish fare, and I wouldn't be surprised to find the sausages you are looking for there. Polish, Czech and Ukrainian Church festivals are also worth trolling for these delicacies, but there are few of these in the DC area. Newark and New York are also havens for authentic immigrant foods. Perhaps someone knows of a source in Baltimore?? I know there are lots of Poles there and probably a few Ukraines and Slovaks as well. If so, please post!!

    1. When I was in gaduate school one of the staples of my diet was Debrecener sauges from the Slovenia Meat Market, still there on St. Laurant, about a brock above Prince Arthur O. I can taste them now! on fresh rye with lots of sharp mustard.

      I'm afraid this isn't a lot of help on your particular question, but if you ever find yourself in Montreal...

      1. Check out this link to an article on a fresh meat and sausage maker in PA. May be worth a road trip. Bring the cooler!