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Mar 28, 2001 04:18 PM

luna park

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Had dinner at Luna Park with several friends recently. I had heard a great rave about LP from a friend. However, I was disappointed. The overall experience was mediocre. My selections were: cheese fondue appetizer, steelhead fish maincourse, and vanilla creme brulee dessert - all nonmemorable. Also, we were lucky to get a table in a cubby hole in the back, so we could actually have an audible conversation. The rest of the tables seemed to be enveloped in noise bouncing from bare floor to walls and ceiling. Was this just a bad day for the chef? Or have other chowhounds had similar experiences?

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  1. I likewise have never had a "memorable" meal at Luna Park, but I think of it as a good neighborhood place with a full bar and a decent price point. I wouldn't head there with expectations, but before a show at the Marsh or Intersection, or just to meet up with some friends, it's a great place to grub.

    1. I dined at Luna Park when they first opened. It was good but not as great as everyone was ranting and raving to be. Service wasn't that great but the soup was good. The noise level was pretty deafening and this was at lunch. I haven't been back since.