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Nov 23, 2002 03:50 PM

Really good Chinese Grocery Sought

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Does anyone know of a really good Chinese grocery in the DC area, one that caters to Chinese people who are particularly discerning? I am about to move back to DC after several months in China and have amassed a slew of recipes that call for particular vinegars, chili peppers, etc., and not sure I know of a place to get them. I would much prefer not to have bring vinegar home from China with me!!

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  1. Don't know for might better stuff a good supply in your suitcase.

    We look forward to sampling your new found treasures...

    Jim Zurer
    Washington DC

      1. While not "Chinese" in terms of ownership, any of the Lottes in Northern Virginia will have the ingredients you seek. Including the meats and other hard to find items (like the vinegars).

        1. We've been impressed with Lotte Oriental Supermarket, 11790 Parklawn Dr., in Rockville, MD. 301-881-3355.

          Whether it will meet your specifications is, of course, unlear. I can say, however, that: we're usually among the only non-Asian shoppers; and many of the products have no English language identifying information, leaving us t wonder what they are!

          1. For Chinese, the best I've found is Maxim's in Rockville. The Lotte's have a good selection of Chinese and Japanese ingredients, as does Han ah Rheum in Merrifield.