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Mar 28, 2001 01:54 AM

easter eggs with windows

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Where do chowhounds recommend for a medium - large sized candy easter egg with a view window? I'd like to buy one as a gift for an adult friend, so it should be somewhat elegant - the garden variety at drugstores don't fit the bill. Any other suggestions for decorative easter candies or items?

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  1. It just so happens that I have the latest Williams-Sonoma catalog with me... They feature both small and large panoramic easter eggs (catalog and internet only). I don't know how "elegant" they are but at least they look hi-quality and have cute bunny scenes inside... I've attached the website for you... good luck!


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    1. re: Phoebe
      Caitlin McGrath

      Pheobe, if you have the W-S catalog, could you post the item number(s) for the panoramic eggs for elise b? I had remembered seeing them in the catalog (long since recycled), and tried to find them on the web site to provide a link for her, but could not. I know from previous experiences that their site is really hard to search if you're looking for a specific item; they often just don't turn up. But they have a "catalog quick search" option where you can plug in the catalog number and the item will pop up.

        1. re: Easter bunny

          Thanks Easter Bunny (Caitlin ;) And I had another thought --- Wouldn't Martha Stuart have some pretty spectacular panoramic eggs? Hopefully you won't have to make them yourself (ha ha).

          1. re: Phoebe

            Thanks so much Phoebe for a great idea! Always good to check WS for tasteful gifts. Yes, the WS online catalog search function is bizarre. And yes, Martha Stewart had some interesting gifts. Like you, my friend will not have the time to make them (hee hee)!

            1. re: Phoebe
              Caitlin McGrath

              Wish I could've found 'em in two separate tries...the Easter Bunny is someone more talented with that WS search engine than am I!