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Nov 22, 2002 08:44 AM

Local Source for Fresh Morels VA/MD/DC ?

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Can anyone recommend a local source for fresh morels? I don't need very many, so wholesalers are probably not what I am looking for. I am in NoVa but am willing to travel.

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  1. Fresh Fields/Whole Foods always has them when they are avaliable in our area.

    1. Whole Foods and Sutton Place have them IN SEASON. In season is the April/June time frame if I remember right.

      Morel spawn is available for purchase but it is intended for outdoor growing and again, would mean a harvest only in season.

      Indoor cultivation is considered very tricky, described here:

      1. There's a woman who comes from Pennsylvania who sells organic mushrooms at the Arlington Farmers Market (Saturday mornings at the Courthouse). She had morels several months ago, but not the last time I was there.