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Mar 27, 2001 01:35 PM


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I have found the best hard pretzels in the world - Martins Pretzels ---- can only be ordered through their website - I love eatting my frozen yogurt or vanella ice cream with salted hard pretzels. Martin's are pure --- nothing artifical ---- and the salt ----- not sure what kind of salt they use but it better than any other salted hard prezel. I order by the box load. They come packed with limited breakage. Enjoy!!

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  1. You can always come to New York and get them at the company's stand at Union Square Farmer's Market (4X a week year-round - makes for some cold pretzels in January!). Yum. I do agree that these may be the best I have ever had. Mixing up a bag of salted and unsalted yields a great feast for the palate. In a way, I can't believe I can get so excited about what is essentially flour, water and salt, but...

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      Barry Kaufman

      ah - NYC - I grew up on 18th and Irving -----
      - Do you think a NYC street food restaurant would go over in the bay-area?