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Nov 14, 2002 09:32 AM

Best caterers in DC area

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Could some people send in their recommendations for best caterers, large & small functions..any info. helpful..

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  1. It depends on what you are looking to cater, and how much you want to spend.

    For Large Scale Functions, if money isnt your primary concern I would go with Occasions Caterers hands down. Their food is fabulous, they have lots of different china, linens, etc for you to choose from, and their event staff is first rate. For corporate affairs, ask for Susan Darrow. She's fabulous at her job.
    They do smaller functions too and have a corporate catering menu to die for, but the money it costs might not be worth it. For smaller functions, such as breakfasts and lunches downtown, I'd try a place like Lawson's. Their food is very good, and reasonably priced.

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      Thanks for the recommendations!

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        3Citron is wonderful. They handled my sister's wedding a few years ago. They are willing to work with your budget and are not out to rob you. Also, they own the old Foreign Service Club which you can rent for events.

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          Occasions is wonderful. Along the same lines (large events with generous budgets) I also have to give props to Susan Gage.

        2. if you're looking for Japanese sushi, try TJ sushi. their sushi is absolutely the best in dc. it's not a restaurant, so you can't eat in. we've had ordered several sushi platters for a graduation party and it was awesome and delicious.

          1. Another recommendation for Occasions for a medium/large function. We used them for our wedding and my office now uses them for corporate events. Their food and service has been consistently first rate.

            1. We just catered breakfast from Society Fair in Alexandria and they did a fantastic job. Some of the best croissants I've had, baked just 20min before delivery. They are run by the same folks behind Restaurant Eve.

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