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Mar 26, 2001 12:23 PM

Do you know the source of Ikeda's Tamales?

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The tamales sold at Ikeda's in Auburn are the best I've ever tasted, but they don't make them there. I know they're made somewhere in the Bay Area, and someone at Ikeda's told me that they get them at some place called "Nanna's (sp?) Kitchen", but I think that that they might have just made that up because I can't find a Nanna's Kitchen listed anywhere. Has anyone ever heard of Nanna'a Kitchen, or know the REAL source of Ikeda's tamales, or know somewhere else in the Bay Area that has great tamales (I've had the ones at Roosevelt and they're okay, but not on par with the ones sold at Ikeda's).

I don't want to take away business from Ikeda's, but the 150-mile trip isn't always practical when I have a tamale craving! Thanks for any assistance!

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  1. I don't know the source but there is an Ikeda in Davis now so maybe you won't have to drive as far!

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      judy leibovitch

      How do you reheat the tamales? Last time we bought them, I asked what the best way was and was told to reheat in the microwave for four minutes. Done that way they were way overdone and very dry. We picked up chicken tamales. Could that have made a difference?
      BTW, we also picked up a bag of smoked almonds to munch on the rest of the way to Reno, and it included a ph # to reorder - (530) 885-4243. You may be able to order tamales also.

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        Never put tamales in the microwave, dries 'em out and leave disgusting hard edges. Takes longer, but put 'em in the steamer. Or best yet, buy them right out of the steaming pot and transport home in an insulated container to retain the heat.

      2. I'm not up on tamales, haven't had a good one since Tortola on Polk st (real husk tamale, about three inches across and with 10-15 layers of masa until you got to the filling). Doesn't anyone know of a good place in the Bay Area for world class tamales??? And Melanie is right...if you don't have time to steam tamales, don't eat them.