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Mar 23, 2001 06:41 PM

The Bagelry, SF

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This morning, in keeping with my French food fast, I grabbed a sesame bagel with hummus and cucumbers for an eat-in-the-car breakfast at The Bagelry ("Best bagels west of the Hudson", 2139 Polk St., 415.441.3003). Bagel production here is entirely on-premise from making the dough, to BOILING and baking. A good bagel, maybe not as chewy as I'd like, but satisfying nonetheless. Nice counter help and the wall-sized painting honoring bagel aviation add to the experience. This has been my preferred bagel stop in the City, but I'm wondering whether there are others I'm missing out on.

Hounds? And, don't even say the "N" word, please. (g)

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  1. I remember having a pretty good bagel from Manhattan bagels. I believe that they have a branch on Haight and Masonic. A friend of mine had bought them so I can't say much about the store itself.

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    1. re: Limster

      There's also a Manhattan Bagels on 24th St. in the Noe Valley -- near Sanchez, I think. Pretty good bagels.

      I recall having good bagels from Katz's Bagels on 16th St in the Mission (I think there's one downtown, also) some time ago. Are these still good?

      By the way, my husband calls the stuff from the N place "bagel-like substances."

      1. re: Nancy Berry

        Nancy & Limster - thanks for the tips. Two I wasn't aware of - will check 'em out.

        Speaking of bagel-like substances, I remember my first encounter with the bagel counter at Byerly's in the Twin Cities. While I'd come to accept "Catholic bagels" (raisin/cinnamon), I'd never seen a cheddar cheese bagel before, nor cranberry walnut before!

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Speaking of Byerly's, Melanie, have you ever been to their website? It's very good -- lots of interesting recipes and food info.

          Here's the link.


          1. re: Nancy Berry

            Thanks for the link, Nancy. I commuted to MSP for 6 months. My arrival there coincided with the grand opening of the Eagan Byerly's. Clicking to the photo of the store, I had to laugh at the piles of snow in the parking lot --- that's the way I remember it! That Byerly's branch was my home away from home, bought my groceries there, and had take-out dinner a couple times a week. Even bought my Christmas gifts at Byerly's - that was the year that I gave bags of wild rice and bratwurst samplers. (g)

        2. re: Nancy Berry

          We do a wholesale account with Katz's and their quality and consistency are spot on. One of the best bagelries (sp?) in SF - though I've yet to visit the aforementioned one on Polk.

          1. re: DSuring

            Please tell us where your place is.

        3. re: Limster
          Rachel Hope (at new email address!)

          I like the Manhattan bagels in Berkeley (4th street). It's the only bagel shop I'll willingly frequent out here. The bagels are boiled and baked, with a decent crust but chewy inside, they're not too large, and they're not sweet (at least the standard varieties I favor). They do sell all sorts of disgusting California-type bagels but I just try to look the other way. I buy a dozen at a time, take them home, freeze em, and they're good toasted for breakfast for several weeks (not quite kosher, but hey I'm not in New York anymore).

          1. re: Limster

            levy's on drumm is pretty good. not as hefty and chewy as, say, h&h, but pretty good for the west coast.

            1. re: sneedy

              How'd you know that H&H was my favorite NY bagel? (gg)

          2. House of Bagels (Geary at 15th Ave.) has very good, chewy, dense bagels. The pumpernickel's my favorite. It's a no-frills type of place (bare bones, no bagel sandwiches, etc.) but always a worthy stop.

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            1. re: Arden

              Yes, HoB makes a very good bagel. They have a big wholesale biz and appear on many lunch counters.

            2. I don't think any bagel compares to the Bagelry, but I don't like the way they make the bagel with cream cheese and veggies like tomato and onion it--don't seem good quality. I like Katz bagel's, but don't get out that way much.

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              1. re: Anne H.

                Do you mean "flavored" cream cheese?

                Katz is sounding even more interesting now, thanks.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  No not flavored cc. We usually get a bag of bagels from the Bagelry and just toast at home and spread with cc. But I really like a bagel with plain cream cheese, onion, sprouts and tomato, maybe cuke but the times I have done that at the Bagelry it was not good.

                  1. re: Anne H.

                    Sorry, Anne, didn't mean to impugn your chowhoundy character. Shoulda known you wouldn't go there. I only order cukes for the crunch. No one else slices or I should say shaves red onion as fine as I do, and it's hard to find a good tomato, do I'm used to doing my own.

                2. re: Anne H.
                  Melanie Wong

                  Was in there Saturday and heard the sing-song of Cantonese. Have you noticed that everyone in the back, making bagels and filling orders, is Cantonese?