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Mar 21, 2001 07:45 PM

Borobudur for Indonesian Fare

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I've been to Borobudur at 700 Post Street 3 times and each time has been divine. I suggest ordering al a carte rather than the rijsttafel, as al a carte dishes seem to be more freshly cooked. In particular, the grilled marinated squid had a real grill flavor, perfectly done. The eggplant and tofu with spicy chili sauce had a light, fresh, savory sauce. The roti prata was the equivalent of a 5 star croissant; so good, you don't need the accompanying curry dipping sauce. I've also tried Indonesian Restaurant on the next block, but Borobudur wins on all criteria.

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  1. This is a really nice find, Elise, thanks. I really liked the mixed satay, taste of the grill and nice marinade, although I didn't get to try each type. Coconut rice wrapped in banana leaf topped with fried shallots, the lamb curry, and of course the beautiful roti were my favorites. The water spinach was curiously slimy and the mixed vegetables with the fishy sauce didn't do much for me. Lots of other choices to explore on the menu next time.

    1. You were right - I did say the water spinach was slimy. This time it was too tough.

      I gotta mention that roti dessert. Again, the salty/sweet combo. A roti folded over taco-style with a filling of chocolate sprinkles, cheddar cheese, salted peanuts and sesame. Incredibly rich, very interesting, but I don't think I'd order it again.

      1. My search for a good Indonesian restaurant is twofold.

        1) the authentic Indonesian restaurant serving good a la carte options, and

        2) a DUTCH restaurant serving classic rijsttafel.

        The former, I had enjoyed a wide variety while living in Singapore, the latter I am less familiar with (I mostly had the Singapore versions in either case - not truly approved by Indonesians),

        I would like to point out they are 2 different cuisines.

        1. This topic is six years old. Here are some recent ones on Indonesian food:

          Haven't heard of any Dutch restaurants around here.

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            Well, Borobudur is still around, isn't it? (I haven't tried it yet)

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                Thanks, Robert. That's a good one.
                On this thread, however, I thought Melanie's description was rather precise - I could see it in my mind, so I enjoyed it.

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                  Does Bamboo Village on Geary offer rijsttafel ??? It was great fun in Amsterdam and I want to take some folks but maybe not to the tenderloin.