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Mar 21, 2001 06:56 PM


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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a Kitchen Arts and Letters type place in the area, as I am wearing out Barnes and Noble,Kepler's, etc. I would really like someplace where I could get all the chowbooks I wanted without having to wait forever to get them. Any thoughts?

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    Janet A. Zimmerman

    Try Stacey's on Market Street (around 2nd). They have a decent selection, plus they're independent (a bonus in my book at least). I work at Sur La Table, where we carry cookbooks as well, but I often refer customers to Stacey's for titles we don't have.

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    1. re: Janet A. Zimmerman

      Some years back there was a fantastic hole-in-the-wall cookbook shop on Grant Avenue corner of Greenwich or Filbert.

      It didn't survive long enough for the explosion of interest in food, though I suppose much of that is in eating out rather than cooking.

      I'm a Stacey's-o-phile and dislike chains intensely; however, I must mention a mail-order cookbook source--now online too, of course--for those times when Staceys, Cody's, Kepler's, Clean, Well-Lighted, and Book Passage just don't have what you need: Jessica's Biscuit.

      1. re: "Fine"

        Here's the link for Jessica's Biscuit.


      2. re: Janet A. Zimmerman

        I'll second (or third) the recommendation for Cody's. It's also good to know that Cody's will order any book that they don't have in stock. You can order through their website or over the phone. I've done this a few times and gotten my books within a week - works well if you don't need the instant gratification! You can pick up at the store or have them delivered (for about 5 bucks, I think, within the Bay Area).

      3. I'd second the nod to Stacey's on Market Street for cookbooks. I work near there and it's my favorite lunch stop (and the reason my bookshelves are overflowing!). Also Cody's (on 4th Street in Berkeley is the one I prefer) has a great selection. Black Oak Books in Berkeley on Shattuck has a pretty good used selection.

        I've found that both Sur la Table and Williams Sonoma have really slim selections.

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          Barry Kaufman

          For a great collection of older used cookbooks go to Cookin' on Divisidaro between Oak and Page ----- a truly wonderful store - I was recently able to get additional pieces for my Arabia Ruska dinnerware - very hard to find.

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          1. re: Barry Kaufman

            Cookin' has odd hours; best to phone ahead to make sure they're open (for example, open Sundays between 1:00 - 5:00 only).

            Tel: 415/861-1854
            339 Divisadero

            I find prices a bit high there considering everything is used, but they do have a *wonderful* variety of hard-to-find cookware & books. Don't expect the owner to be charming, though she will tell you what things are & where they're located if you ask.