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Sep 30, 2002 02:01 PM

Where to find flan baking pans . . .

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I hope enough of you out there have made flans to know what I'm talking about. I've been searching high and low for an aluminum flan plan in the states (Sur la Table, Bridges in NYC, C&B, Williams-Sonoma, every bodega I see), but to no avail. Essentially a flan pan is a round, flat bottom pan, with a conical cylinder in the middle. It's about four to five inches high. Since I melt the sugar for the syrup over an open flame on the range, it's important that it be aluminum and not coated w/ a non-stick coating.

If anyone know what I'm talking about and can offer a suggestion, please write.

Cheers -


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  1. It's not local, but sells flan pans/molds (bano de maria). They also sell lots of other good cuban stuff that's a bit hard to find north of FL...

    Locally, you might try Todito (in Adams Morgan next to Perry's on Columbia Rd. between 18th and 19th)...

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      Hey, the best. I went to it and found it - w/ a double-boiler no less . . .

      Thanks for the tip . . .

      Cheers -


    2. My wife has one. Want some for the kids. An amazing pan!