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Mar 20, 2001 01:53 PM

fried chicken - south bay

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anyone know a good fried chicken place in south bay ? been having a craving for quite awhile now, and kfc doesn't quite cut it !

pref- sunnyvale, mountain view and points north ?

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  1. KFC is crap- for great fried chicken, go to popeye's chain. I am a total food snob and popeye's is the best fried chicken I have ever had. Perfect skin, juicy meat, not greasy at all. Better than any fried chicken I have ever had. I am sure there is one in the South Bay.

    1. I so lament the demise of Pearl for fried chicken, ribs and peach cobbler in San Mateo. Have you tried the Jollibee chain? NorCal outlets in Vallejo, Daly City and Union City.