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Mar 19, 2001 08:20 PM

How was the Feb.28 gathering?

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I was out of the country for the Feb.28 gathering of the SF chowhounds. How was the food and where was the venue again? Was another gathering discussed?

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  1. We had a very nice dinner at the Singapore/Malaysia restaurant on Clement St. in the Richmond. Deb took care of the ordering and Melanie brought some great wines to taste. It was great to meet the people behind the site postings and share the table for the evening. We learned about wines and had some interesting conversations. You can go to the threads on the SF board. No plans for another dinner were discussed.

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    1. re: gordon wing

      Thanks for letting me know about checking out the original thread for the follow-up. Sounds like it was a fun time and I'm sorry I missed it. I think I'll stop over there to check out the food. Sounded really tasty.

      It was funny for me to read about some of the topics of conversation. While we were away, we had a stop in Japan where my husband had lived for a year. The topic of panty vending machines came up with our friend who we were visiting. We assumed that this was an urban myth and there was a lot of good natured teasing about who has this curiousity about these machines. So it was funny to see that we weren't the only ones that had heard about this, nor the only ones to talk about it!

      Before I left on vacation, Melanie and I kicked around the idea of potentially doing another get-together at Great Eastern in SF's Chinatown. Do you think there would be interest in another Asian food restaurant as you guys just had Sing/Malay? It sounds like everyone had a great time so it would be good to build on that momentum!

      1. re: Tida

        I'd be up for another one - my husband and I really enjoyed the company (and of course the food and wine) -it was fun to eat with others who so loved food and didn't think it was odd to be so excited about food shopping!

        Cheryl (decided to go by an old high school nickname - Celery)

        1. re: Tida

          Cousin Tida, welcome back from your travels! I got back last night.

          We won't let you forget your offer to organize a gathering. The lovely Nancy Reyes has also volunteered. It was really great to try something new, get out of the ruts that we seem to get into, and have a face-to-face and real-time conversation with our fellow chowhounds.

          Btw, after 8 days in France, what I had a craving for was beef chow fun. I headed for my favorite little place in Chinatown, Young's, for a fix last night when I found myself still awake and getting hungry at 8pm. Today I had had Thai for lunch. I'm wondering what you had a hankering for on your return home?

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I'd be up for another one as well, Chinese sounds great.

            Sounds like everyone was traveling -- I just got back from a trip to Hong Kong & Japan on Sunday. The morning after our return one of my fillings came out, so I've been eating only soup until yesterday evening... Just thankful it didn't happen on my trip, as this would have been disastrous for the great meals we had. Am now catching up on Chowhound & will post on those separately on the International Board. Same for you, Melanie & Tida?

            Deb H.

            1. re: Deb H.

              Hey Deb! Glad you made it home intact. Better timing than my own malady - attack of food poisoning at 6am in Lyon with a 8am train to CDG with a tight connection for the flight home. Managed to make it home on schedule, amazingly. Describing the experience to a friend today (I'll leave out the gory details here)and the required two changes of clothing, she remarked - that's like traveling with an infant. Culinary details of the earlier part of the trip to come.

              Yes, I'm up for whatever the group decides. I do need to get my capsicum intake up - have rationalized that the lack of chiles in my diet last week resulted in the gut wrencher.

              1. re: Deb H.

                Hi Deb-

                Welcome back to you too! A few days after I returned, I did post on the international board about some of the places we went to in Bangkok. However, I've just realized that I forgot to write about a fantastic place in Singapore for Indian vegetarian food. I've got to go dig up my notes but will post on that as well. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventure!


              2. re: Melanie Wong

                Cousin Melanie!

                Welcome back! I was wondering where you were. Sorry to hear about the g-i distress but glad you're over that. No fun. We were quite lucky to avoid that while over in Asia.

                After I got back from a month over there, what did I crave? More Asian food - do you believe it? I am really craving Vietnamese and Indian food more than anything else. It's ridiculous. You'd think that Asian food would be the last thing I would want but no. In fact, when I returned I went to Super Kyoma market in Japantown and bought out the store. I had never made miso soup at home before and decided I just had to have that with some veggie sushi rolls that I made with salted plums, shiso leaf and cucumber. I think that I continue to crave an Asian diet because anything fattier than that kind of unsettles me after being over there for such a long period of time.

                I say this after I just returned from a ski weekend in Utah with friends. Last night we made raclette and paired it with potatoes, proscuitto, pickles, and cocktail onions. Afterwards, we ate caramel apples and I really can't believe the richness of the meal. It was wonderful, decadent, and horrifyingly rich so now I want a cleansing pho!

                I'll try to get in touch with Nancy to brainstorm about the next chowhound gathering. Any suggestions would be more than welcome! Cravings can be indulged!

                1. re: Tida

                  Ditto on richness - I was downing a cafe au lait and croissant every morning and a cheese course each night. I'm still in dairy aversion and focused on cleansing foods.

                  Thanks to you and Nancy for stepping up to the plate. While I don't have a specific venue in mind, I really appreciated having Deb's experience with the menu to stir us toward the kitchen's strengths. It would be nice to choose a place where one of us has had a couple meals and can order with confidence.

                  I'm still in a capsicum mood. Anyone know a good Korean place? Cambodian? Or even Sichuan - I've been wanting to try Sam Lok in Chinatown.

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    I really liked a Korean place on Taraval (around 30th) that I went to a while ago. I don't recall seeing a sign outside the restaurant with the name of the place on it, so I can't provide a name. (Actually, I vaguely recall seeing a sign on one side of the building that said something completely weird, like fried chicken house or something like that...don't exactly remember as it *was* a while ago.)

                    This (unnamed) place is unassuming and comfy, and unlike other more popular (and equally good) Korean places like Brother's, they focus on cooked dishes instead of table cooking/BBQ. I thought the food was delicious, especially considering the low prices.

                    Had a good spicy octopus dish there. I really enjoyed the array of tiny side dishes that they served; we must have had about 10-15 of them. That to me, is one of the signs that a Korean place cares about their food, because these little sides are so very typically Korean.

                        1. re: Limster

                          Choice of venue is up to Tida/Nancy or whoever else steps forward to organize a chowhound outing. But since I was out in the Sunset yesterday for the first time in a long time, I did a drive-by the place that says "Chick-N-Deli" on two sides. Not to be confused with Chick-N-Coop at Taraval and 21st, the take-out menu says "Shin Toe Bul Yi Korean Restaurant, 2001 Taraval, San Francisco, 415.566.9221". I'm out of my league here and in need of a guide to some interesting things like black goat in casserole, special skate wing jjim, pork hockin, pollack roe and cod intestines tang, shepherds purse and soy bean paste chi-gae, and home made noodles in anchovy soup.

              3. re: Tida

                I think my arm could be twisted to endure another evening out with the hounds! Sounds like there are some good stories to be told.

                1. re: gordon wing


                  I was out of town for the last chowhound meet, but do you think my husband and I could join in for the next?

                  Rachel Hope
                  (still beaming from my last trip to Ton Kiang and planning another this weekend...)

                  1. re: Rachel Hope

                    But of course! Open to all chowhounds, and especially you, Rachel. We need to keep tabs on the growth of your tummy. (g)

                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      The burning question in my mind is How does one invite oneself to join?

                      1. re: Rochelle

                        One of the best ways to be sure that you can join is to call the get-together yourself!