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Sep 19, 2002 03:44 PM

Greek Food Fests are Coming! Greek Food Fests are Coming!

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The Greek Church on upper 16th St. near Upshur will be having their semi-annual Greek festival this weekend. Delicious, reasonably-priced food, but try to attend at night for the live music. Really good musicians playing bouzouki (sp?), dancing too.

Next weekend, it's the Greek church at 36th & Mass., in the shadow of National Cathedral. Again, great food, great music & dancing, even a moonbounce & crafts for the kids. Last spring they had church tours too.

The church on Bradley Blvd only has 1 fest a year, in May. Not sure if the Greek church in 7 Corners has had their semi-annual festival yet.


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  1. The 7 corner Greek Church aka St. Katherine in Falls Church will have its festival the weekend of Oct. 4