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Mar 19, 2001 08:18 PM

Has anyone been to Yum?

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Has anyone checked this place out yet? I read in San Francisco magazine that this place is supposed to be the new gourmet ingredient place in the city. Any truth to the rumor?


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    Janet A. Zimmerman

    I visited Yum a few months ago, soon after it opened. They were still getting set up and so didn't have everything they planned to have. The deli case, for example, only had a few items, and they had very few wines. But it showed great potential and I plan to check it out again, especially now that I'm living back in the city. I know a couple of the employees, so I'm inclined to give them another chance, but I really do think they'll probably be a good resource.

    1. r
      Rochelle McCune

      I went there two weeks ago. Their deli case had prepared salads and sandwiches which looked quite good. They also had a soup of the day. They carry a good selection of artisan breads. They did not have any fresh produce. The "grocery" section is full of fancy and hard-to-find condiments, ingredients and mixes. The staff is very nice and friendly. One woman told be there wine section will be fully stocked soon (waiting for their wine racks to arrive).

      I will go back 1) for lunch, 2) to more fully catalog their speciality ingredients, and 3) to check out their wine selection.

      I live within walking distance. I'm not sure I make a special trip to go there. Next time I'll try to look for "only at Yum" items that would make it worthwhile for distance-challenged chowhounds.

      Pssst....when I mentioned I lived in the 'hood, I was offered a "neighborhood discount", which I did not take advantage of but will next time.