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Mar 18, 2001 07:30 PM

Restaurants on Irving west of 19th

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During a slow (park traffic) drive on Irving street today between 19th and 25th, I noticed a plethora of restaurants. Anyone have reports for me? I know about Yum Yum Fish ... was curious about the Irish Pub I saw there or any of the Asian restaurants ...

Thank you!

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  1. There are quite a few little dim sum/chinese bakeries there. My favorite in that area is TC pastry. I love their dan ta (little bite sized egg tarts). They also spot a few noodle dishes.

    San Tung is a pretty good Chinese restaurant - excellent dumplings and house made noodles. (I frequent their branch on Irving and 12th more; they seem pretty similar).

    For late nights, I hang out at Go Go Cafe (a Chinese place). I usually get their porridge there. There's a version with minced fish and fa chai (hair vegetable) that I like. They also have some pretty good Chinese desserts, like dun dan (steamed egg custard) and Chinese pancakes with sweet taro or red bean paste.

    A new Hong Kong style place just opened up with the requisite noodles and porridge but these dishes aren't very good. They are open till 2 a.m. though. These guys also offer Hong-Kongnized Italian and American food which I (amusingly) somehow have a liking for, even though I know it's "bad". (It's like getting back for all the bad Chinese food I've had here.)

    There's also a bunch of tiny Chinese places with noodles, roasted meats etc.... that are worth checking out.

    Sunrise Deli has amazing falafels with a crisp lacy skin (assuming you get them fresh). Other middle eastern morsels there are also significantly above par.

    New Hai Kee has homey noodles with all sorts of ingredients and offer big portions. Reminds me of hawker style food from back home (Singapore).

    PPQ has excellent Vietnamese beef noodles (pho). Loi's is also very good. There are a couple more pho places around here that I haven't been to. There are also two tiny Vietnamese places with Vietnamese sandwiches, I prefer the one that's further (west) from 19th.

    Marnee Thai is one of the more popular Thai places in SF. I happen to like Thep Phanom and Khan Toke more, but Marnee's a worthwhile venture.

    There's also a so-so Chinese vegetarian place called Shangri-La ath I haven't been very impressed with.

    For Tapioca drinks, I go to either Double Rainbow (with a mechanized doll that shakes your drinks) or Sweet House. I usually go to double rainbow first.