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Mar 18, 2001 06:29 PM

Le Soleil-Vietnamese on Clement in SF

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I have been going to Le Soleil for years, and love it. It is a cheery place around 2nd or 3rd on Clement. It has a neighborhood atmosphere, but is upscale with white tableclothes and decor. Average entree is about $9 (prices recently went up, but still worth it!).

The food is outstandingly fresh, especially the vegetables, and I have not found a dish I don't like. There is a beef with tomato and onion dish they cook at your table that is exquisite. The vegetarian spring rolls are amazing, and there are crepes with fresh mint. The sea bass dish is wonderful, and for dessert try deep fried coconut ice cream. A good appetizer is the shrimp cakes (but it may be off the menu now).

The service is worth mentioning, because it is genuinely friendly. They know us by name.

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