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Mar 17, 2001 08:43 AM

Good spot in walking distamce of Union Square

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Hi all"

I am looking to meet some friends for a casual dinner. I am staying in the Union Square area, but would walk anywhere for a great meal. Particulars:

I like anything but fish( love Italian, but have yet to find a NYC type place in SF...sorry I do not mean to sound pompous...thought "Kuleto's" was good however!!)

They are vegetarians

Any ideas on a neighborhood place away from the tourists!


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  1. Since fish is off your list, that lets out Farallon. There is still Postrio, which might have more vegetarian dishes than many places. Janot's, down the alley from the Campton Place Hotel is a good French restaurant, albeit a little crowded inside. These are just off the top of my head. If I think of something else, I will repost.


    1. b
      Barry Kaufman

      I love Scala's ---- great menu and wonderful wine list - I like sitting in the bar area.

      1. You might want to wander over to Belden Place for casual dinner. Still a bit too nippy for the sidewalk dining here though, unless the heat wave of the last two days is repeated soon. While the mussels at Plouf probably wouldn't suit you, maybe you'd enjoy Cafe Bastille or B44's Catalan cuisine.

        1. Thanks for all the advice. I received the updates to late to act on them. We went to Feringale and had a very nice time. I had a wonderful Veal Special that was infused with some formage. This was one of the best meals I have ever had in SF!! Big thumbs up!