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Mar 16, 2001 03:28 PM

Fried Chix

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just kidding katipoo (re: kfc) - check the link below for this place i found on citysearch for southern/soul food. they do have fried bird - can't say i've tried it. you might wanna get on city search to find other southern digs, although you'll probably have to venture into the City or the East Bay. good luck hon!!



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  1. This is no lie: Popeye's fried chicken has no equal. I used to be a chef and consider myself a total food snob, and their fried chicken is not greasy, the skin is perfect and the meat is sooooo juicy. Their sides are great, but avoid the seafood. I have eaten fried chicken at many soul food joints and nothing is even close. It's very cheap too.

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      I've developed a taste for Popeye's red beans and rice. But the fried chicken (at least in Vallejo)has a stale oil taste. Church's in Oakland is better. Aren't they under the same corporate ownership?

      1. re: Melanie Wong
        Jennifer FISH Wilson

        Right as usual, Melanie. Both Popeye's and Church's are part of AFC Enterprise.
        A friend of mine is a chef (graduated #1 in her class from the CIA) and loves Church's.
        Now, when are you going to check out Casa Orinda or Walker's Pie Shop for real fried chicken?

        1. re: Jennifer FISH Wilson

          After today's notes about fried chicken on the board, I really was going to make a bee line to Walker's. But I was delayed and ended up having some very good fried catfish and a piece of sweet potato pie a little further north.