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Aug 29, 2002 11:15 AM

Killer ?Persian? Bakery in Vienna

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I'm sorry I don't know the right name or location of this place. When I go back, I'll get there information. It's between Church and 123, near the tourist shops (on Church) and the Vienna Bicycle shop. My mom and I were early for our class at Star's Beads and went looking for munchies.

We saw a sign that said Bakery so we went in. It's part small "Persian" grocery/ part small bakery. The ladies behind the counter were so nice, making us try before we bought anything. Mom came away with some sort of pistachio muffin, I on the other hand had honey overload (no complaints mind you). 3 raisin cookies that tasted like they were made with condensed milk, sweet and milky. A honey pretezel like thing that she insisted I take (it was SO good), and to taste, a honey ball puff that made my eyes cross. All this and two lemonades for barely more than 3 dollars.

I promise to get better info next visit, unless someone here knows where I'm talking about.

P.S. I saw Persian in quotes because another customer there spoke with us and said Persian sweets were the best.

P.P.S In the case with the nummies, were 3 bowls that looked like they were made with rock candy and something else added for decoration. Any idea what they were for? I forgot to ask.

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  1. You are refering to the Persian market located next door to Bread and Kabob [also Persian] near Tuesday Morning and La Provence. I am a big fan of this shop, especially because it fits such a large quantity of delicious food in a small space. They indeed have a variety of things from bhaklava to typical groceries. If you get a chance, purchase pistachios and almonds there. Far better than anything offered in the area.

    If you are in the mood for some real delicacies, hit Samadi Sweets Cafe on Route 7 towards Skyline. Though they change owners pretty regularly, their pastries are the finest.

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    1. re: Jeffrey

      Another great persian bakery in the vicinity on Maple St. (123)is YAS. Once you eat their sweets you will always come back. Not only the taste but the appearance and aroma of their stuff is just heavenly.

      1. re: naruda

        Based on a box of pastries a friend of Mrs. W. brought us as a little housewarming present I will second the recommendation of Yas Bakery.

        I could have eaten the whole box myself. Simply outstanding.

      2. re: Jeffrey

        That's the place!!! I think I walked around the store 3 or 4 times before I finally gave up trying to make a decision. I saw the nuts and it didn't even cross my mind that they would probably be better. I will next time though.

        I have added Samadi Sweets Cafe to my Chowhound hit list. Thanks!

        1. re: SisterT

          If I recall, you are in Columbia. There's a Persian store called Sizar Grocery (6955 Oakland Mills Rd # A)
          that's supposed to be good. I still haven't tried it yet.

          Yasaman on Rockville Pike behind Marlo is also top notch, and they carry that yellow persian ice cream most hate but I like.


          1. re: Kok

            I've past Sizar's several times but not gone in. I guess I'll make a stop by tomorrow and report back.

            I went to Yasaman's this weekend from a recommendation by a good friend (she needed Orange Flower water which is how she found it). Totally intoxicating aromas, and after a dizzying walkthrough, only came out with a big bag of couscous and an interesting tasting Turkish soda (lemon-lime and something else). The soda was a little too bitter for me but still interesting. I wanted to pick up some of the feta but wasn't going home right away.

          2. re: SisterT

            Big surprise: the name of the place is "Assal Market". These are the Middle Eastern equivalent of 7-11s (is that redundant?). They are all over Northern Virginia, particularly Fairfax County.

        2. If you're ever in that area, Classic Bakery on Rte 355 in a partly abandoned (i.e. a Hechinger's) shopping center north of Montgomery Village Ave has excellent, delicate pastries. They also serve ice cream & coffee.

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          1. re: Lauryn

            Actually, the Great Beginnings baby store moved into the old Hechinger's site, so the shopping center is no longer "abandoned."

            1. re: ms

              Yeah, I was just there today & saw the baby store had moved into the space.
              Forgot to mention to Chowhounds that Negril Jamaican eatery is about 2 doors down from this wonderful bakery, and there's an international food market next door too...