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Mar 15, 2001 06:16 PM

Ana Mandara

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Has anyone been to Ana Mandara? Do you recommend it? Are there any must-try dishes?


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  1. I had dinner at Ana Mandara about a year ago and remember being really impressed with the food/decor for the price. We started with a crab soup that was fabulous - generous portion with lots of fresh crab for $5. Then we both had fish dishes, I had sea bass which was delicious!! My friend had the Mekong Basa (a vietnamese fish) wrapped in banana leaves (I think it's a house specialty) which he still talks about. Thank you for reminding me of this place as I will be going back soon!! So, in short - yes. I highly recommend Ana Mandara.

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      I, too, ate there about one year ago and the basa was outstanding. I wish I could remember all that we had, but everything was very good. Our waiter was a little quirky but helpful. Nice decor.

    2. I enjoyed Ana Mandara, but I thought the portions there were too precious and prices on the high side. Good food, but poor value. I really enjoyed the steamed crab in bamboo, quail and mekong basa when I was there last year.

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        Thanks for your responses. I ate there Saturday and it was very good. Although I do agree with Limster that the portions are teenie. Our waiter was very helpful in that he advised us not to share with 6 people because the portions are too small. He also ordered us an additional appetizer so everyone could get a taste.

        The room is AMAZING. It must have put Don back a pretty penny.

      2. Well Daphne, you inspired me! Last night I went back to Ana Mandara for dinner with a girlfriend. We started with cocktails in the bar while we waited to be seated and I had forgotten how truly pleasant the atmosphere is... We started with one of the special appetizers -seared fois gras with sliced mango. It was a generous portion of liver, cooked to perfection (rare) with just enough of a glaze/sauce. It was alone with the mango (no brioche toast etc...) The server (who was great) listed the specials without prices which I know is usual form for nicer restaurants - but I appreciate knowing the cost of "specials". Foie gras - $16. (IMHO, worth it). Then we both had the crab soup which now goes for $7 (a year ago it was more like $5) and was not quite as impressive as I had remembered - I had to salt it and usually I don't salt anything other than french fries. It was still a generous portion and with a little salt, much better. For entree's, my friend had the vegetables in clay pot. The rice came on the side, not in the pot which was fine because the vegetables were absolutely
        delicious. A delightful array of root vegetables, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, green beans, asparagus etc... seasoned beautifully. I had the Mekong Basa - which was pan seared and finished off in the oven with a wonderful sweet and spicy sauce. It's a lovely piece of fish - a tad over cooked, but not enough for me not to rave about it! I did notice that the prices have gone up since my last visit - Entrees from $18 - $27 (for the lobster tower, which I've heard is just okay) but all in all we had a wonderful meal and a great time. Our waiter was friendly, attentive, helpful and polite. Another great thing about Ana Mandara is that The Buena Vista is just down the street with an Irish Coffee just waiting for you ;)

        1. I ate there a month or so ago. The room is beautiful, and the appetizers were very good, but the entrees were unispiring -- plain food dressed up and overpriced. My app was a seared beef salad (very naughty for me to eat in my pregnant state but my husband assured me that the citrus marinade would have killed anything nasty off :) The flavors were wonderful (sweet and sour), and the portion was generous. Entree was shrimp and a noodle galette which was completely forgettable. We also ordered a side of taro cake (I think) which was the best thing we tried at the restaurant. If I had it to do over I think I'd order a second app instead of an entree, accompanied by a side dish.