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Mar 13, 2001 08:27 AM

Sausalito/Muir Woods

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I will be visiting Sausalito and Muir Woods this Friday. I would appreciate any recommendations for lunch in either area or a nearby town. We enjoy "cheap eat finds" (such as the best burgers/dogs/BBQ/pies etc.), as well as more refined dining.

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  1. On Bridgeway in Sausalito...kind of across from the Bay a diner called "Fred's Place". I haven't been in years, but I am sure it still exists. Locals eat there every day...usually one meal at Fred's is all you need per day. Also Pelican Inn near Muir Beach is quaint.

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      I had lunch at Fred's last year for the first time in a long time after doing a presentation nearby. My colleagues hadn't been before and one asked our waitress for recommendations from the menu. She gave him a dumbfounded look and said that people come for breakfast or the burgers, take your pick. The special burger that day was teriyaki mushroom which turned out to be too messy to eat. Above average quality meat and hit just the right stage of medium, and as you say, fills you up for awhole day. Fries were good too.

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      Brandon Nelson

      Hi Michael

      If the weather holds I would recomend taking a picnic up to Muir Woods. Mollie Stones in Sausalito has a nice deli and a respectable selection of wine. Bell Market in Mill Valley also has an in store deli, lots of wine, and is sort of known as the last stop for food until you get to Stinson Beach.

      As for restaraunts, one of my favorite Thai places is in Strawberry Village (1 exit North of the Highway 1 exit). This is the shopping center with the Safeway up front. The place is called Thep Lela. The Pad Thai is yummy and the orange pork curry is a takeout staple. On Miller Ave in Mill Valley (you will be passing through on the way to the woods) I can recomend Mama's and Joes Taco Lounge. Mama's is your burger and fries, bacon and eggs type of place. Joes is Cal Mex with some interesting twists here and there (sloppy Jose'- carnitas loosemeat sandwich with chipotle sauce for an example). If you spend a little more the Buckeye Roadhouse is also a good place to eat, but it is popular enough that the wait might kill you, starvation that is. I don't know if they take reservations for lunch.

      Hope some of this helps.


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        Barry Kaufman

        Try Farm House Inn in Olema --- where Highway 1 and Sir Frances Drake intersect --- best BQed oysters. Also Station House in Point Reyes Station --- eat at the bar - Also Stinson Beach Grill is good.