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Aug 5, 2002 11:55 AM

Request for Baltimore info.

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Okay - I have a few restaurant questions -

1. My parents are coming to visit in a few weeks. We'd like to take them out once with the kids (maybe Sunday brunch) and once without the kids. My parents are NOT into funky foods, though my husband and I are! (Mom and dad winter in FLA and like the all you can eat buffet places!) Any suggestions for either outing?

2. We're also looking for an anniversary place (fifth!) - been to most of the options - Charleston (good but too $$$), Pierpoint, Atlantic, Helen's Garden, Henningers (love it), Chameleon Cafe, Petit Louis . . . any other suggestions?


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  1. Trix has previously posted about Imperial Gourmet (do a search on the main page), which is a Chinese Buffet that she raves about. I thought Chinese might appeal to all three generations. If not, then you might want to try Friendly Farm in Upperco, a family-style restaurant with delicious crab cakes, or Baugher's in Westminister, which has delicious fresh breakfasts that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

    For your anniversary, here's two suggestions: Martick's, which is as funky as they get in Baltimore but still has really good food, and Birches in "Canton," which is very much along Chameleon Cafe.

    1. For a good, reasonable, pretty traditional Sunday brunch buffet, try Hull Street Blues, which is on Hull Street near Locust Point. Nothing fancy, but good.

      For a treat at a good price, try Rudy's 2900, in Finksburg. They have a really delicious three-course prix fixe dinner for $20, and more choices al la carte. See my separate posting on this restaurant. See also their webpage.

      1. for your anniversary dinner, you might consider soigne in south baltimore; bicycle is a little too loud and hectic for an intimate anniversary night. i second birches as another recommendation, but they're a little casual -- don't know how much of a "big date" you want this to be!

        (i'm also nostalgically fond of the prime rib for a swanky big date/anniversary place, for the atmosphere as much as the beef).

        parents seem to always love helen's garden, too

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          We ate at Soigne some months ago, and although the food was ok, the ambience was not. We were seated at a wobbly deuce in the middle of the floor just outside the kitchen door. Everytime a waitdroid walked past our wine and water glasses sloshed. They tried to pack so many tables in there that the poor people seated next to the passage leading to the restrooms had to move or get up whenever someone went down the passage. The place was noisy, not helped by overly-loud background music which (as in most places) was totally unnecessary. The waitstaff seemed not to care very much. There are much more pleasant places than Soigne.