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Mar 12, 2001 12:19 PM

Upcoming trip to SF - Northern Californian Girl

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Well, here I am, just found this FANTASTIC SITE! Have been par-using it. Here's my situation. First of all, I'm not into the "tourist-eeeee thing", and am really looking for those great places to "chow-down". Coming in on Sunday, and will be staying at the Sheraton SF Airport Hotel in Burlingame, definately need someplace to go for dinner around there. Then Monday night, I've rented a small yacht near Pier 39 to stay the night on, and want another great place for dinner. So, far I'm coming up with the CRAB HOUSE for our Crab dinner night out, but for some strange reason, I can't believe, the best in town, is RIGHT ON PIER 39???? I would also LOVE to find a great, home-town cooking (remember those days?) restaurant, that possibly serves, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and mom used to make. The OTHER place I'm looking for, is an outstanding french bakery, that not only makes the BEST NAPOLIANS, but also serves lunch as well. You know, like awesome gourmet sandwiches on thick homeade buttermilk bread, and actually carries 20 different cheeses....(if you dared to ask for american, they'd kick you out...). Hopefully they put peach chutney on a freshly baked sliced turkey breast sandwich? ( I know, I ask the world..but..) Let's see, oh, the last thing, thinking about going to North Beach, which I've read has a lot of places, any recommendations? All help is very much appreciated. Arriving in SF on Sunday, March 18, live in Sacramento, so if you need any help with this area, please send me email.


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  1. 1) Crab - There are lots of discussions on this board about crab. On my list are La Vie, Thanh Long and Straits.

    2) North Beach - I would recommend Cafe Jaqueline (French) or for Italian - Da Flora or Tommasso's.

    3) The best French bakery hands down is Bay Bread on Pine Street, they have a restaurant called Chez Nous around the corner on Fillmore Street. Also, the same people are opening a crepery on the same stretch of Fillmore which should be open by now. Also, Artisan Cheese is just up the block. You could easily make an afternoon of exploring that area.

    I don't have any Burlingame or "home cooking" recommendations but you should be able to find some past posts on this message board.