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Mar 11, 2001 12:57 AM

Napa restaurants with wine matching

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A friend of mine has been given the task of finding a restaurant in Napa county that might be able to do a dinner with matched wines. He's wanting something for the end of the month. Any ideas?

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  1. There is one place up here in Napa that I have heard does a wonderful wine pairing menu. It is called "La Toque" located in the Rancho Caymus Inn in Rutherford. You may also advise your friend to call some places that could very well put together a tasting menu off their by-the-glass selections, just like a food tasting menu. Gordon's Cafe & Wine Bar in Yountville has pre-fixed Friday night dinner's that may also pair wine. La Toque's number is: 707.963.9770. Gordon's is:
    707.944.8246. Both of these places are where local vintners & regulars hang-out, almost more than tourists. 'Hope this helps alittle.

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      My boyfriend and I had a lovely meal in early December at Brix in Yountville.

      As I was the only one drinking I asked our very knowledgeable waiter to match wines by the glass with each of our three courses and was very pleased with his suggestions.

      There were a number of large parties going on that night and I noticed a lovely private dining room off the main room. They also have a fireplace and a large patio. The decor was warm and very "valleyish", that is casual in a sophistocated sort of way.

      There's a little gift shop off the entry which doesn't in any way detract from the restaurant and might even be nice if anyone is coming from out of town.

      If you wanted to go really high end there are always the classics: Auberge du Soliel (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) in Rutherford, Chandon also in Yountville, Terra in St. Helena.

      I almost can't imagine anyplace that wouldn't gladly pair wines to their menu, it really gives the chef a chance to shine.

      Hope this helped.

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        Lucy, it's really great to have you jump in here. Since you won't recommend your own place, let me suggest Cafe Lucy for a casual, local hang-out with a well-selected list of wines meant to be enjoyed with food.

        I had a chance to try Pairs in its new Napa location last month. It had only been open for a week and a half, so there were some service kinks and timing problems, but it's a place I'd try again. The list of wines by the glass was most impressive, designed to be matched with many small dishes. There were 7 German Rieslings by the glass!

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        Brandon Nelson

        Hi Janet

        Just about any place with a respectable wine list should be happy to do some wine pairing with your food. That's what the people that assemble these lists live for, pairing their treasures with the best the kitchen has to offer.

        Terra, Auberge, La Toque and Brix are all good sugestions. Domaine Chandon, Greystone, Tra Vigne, Bistro Jeannty, and Bouchon are some other options.

        Please let us know how things go!