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Mar 10, 2001 02:32 AM


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Had a wonderful goat cheese souffle at Zax tonight. It was as light as a cloud and pared perfectly with a side salad of greens and apples cut to the size of matchsticks.

The pork chops I got was OK but not spectacular (note to self: wonder why the waitress recommended it, should have gone for the lamb or duck); same goes for the apple galette with caramel ice cream.

I thought the entrees were slightly pricey (averages around $21).

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  1. Oops - forgot to mention that Zax is located on Taylor and Columbus in SF's North Beach.

    1. Good to have a new report on Zax. It's been a couple years since my last visit, but the people I've sent there since have all been happy. Too bad about the price increase, as it was once a very good value.

      The first time I was there, Joyce Goldstein (Square One, etc.) was seated in my direct line of vision. the staff at this new restaurant were quite aflutter. Since she looked pretty happy, I asked our waiter what she had ordered. He said she really liked the goat cheese souffle, so that's what I ordered too. Yes, it is really good, isn't it?

      1. I only ate at Zax one time maye a year ago, but recall that I was a little disappointed in the goat cheese souffle--maybe expectations were too high since it is raved about constantly. It was fine, but not notable, same with the apple tart. My friend really likes apple tart and liked it better than me. I don't recall the seating as being too comfortable either. So we have not been back, no particular reason, but if it was a couple blocks from my house I would likely go more often. Anyone remember when Susie Kates was there? I did used to live close then. I loved their pies.