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Mar 8, 2001 12:48 PM

New to boards/ An introduction

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What a great site. Let me introduce myself...

If I don't want to go far: Rist. Bacco
If I don't want to wait on a weekend: Rist. Ecco
If I can get reservations: Delfina
If I can get there: Tra Vigne (St. Helena)

Take Out: Pakwon
Sit Down: Indian Oven

Burrito: La Taqueria
Chineese: Eric's
Crepes: Ti Couz
Burger: Whiz
Pizza: Paulines

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  1. Colby--wow, I see that Anne's right; nobody replied. The silence must have seemed deafening. Sorry.

    While I beg and plead for our regulars to take a moment to greet newcomers (it's the single best way to keep the community vital), I'm afraid the site does not do a very good job of that sort of thing. Unfortunately, I just don't have time to greet people personally, with all the various site responsibilities I've gotta meet.

    So, though it's coming a shocking 13 days too late...welcome! And do have a browse through this board...I don't know all your picks, but there are worthy alternatives to at least a few of them. We're all here in the pursuit of eating better!

    Anne...not sure how you got the impression that anyone here discourages discussion. Quite the contrary! That's the whole purpose!


    1. Your post looked so lonely here I thought I'd say thanks for the tip on Ecco, appreciated. This is not a board where much discussion goes on, it seems, they seem to kind of discourage that. I am not much a fan of Eric, though.