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Mar 8, 2001 11:38 AM

Bistro e Europe?

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Has anyone eaten at this tiny restaurant in the Excelsior district (on Mission near France across from the Safeway?) They advertise themselves as serving Gypsy (Romany) food -- we'll probably try it, but I just wanted to know whether any folks here had gone there and whether they had any ordering recommendations.


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  1. There was a review of this place in the SF Bay Guardian last year by Paul Reidinger.


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      Michael Scott

      Fantastic! Julia is the host and chef of Gypsy Romanian and Hungarian specialties. If she is not cooking she will be out welcoming her guests with gusto and warmth, or dancing to the equally fabulous live music. We four were there Saturday, May 19, and made up a quarter of her total clientele--it is so tiny you feel like you are in Julia's living room.

      The food: Each of us had different plate and each was *entirely* different, every morsel intensely flavorful--Chicken Paprikash with rice, Lamb Roma with turnips and polenta, special home made sausage with cabbage and other vegetables, goulash, crepes, I can't remember the details, but many intense and mixed flavors, delicious to the last bite.

      The wine: Red. White. (both Hungarian) The coffee: Turkish or regular.

      The music: Much like the food--excellent, intense and mixed with the strong flavorings of the gypsy and of eastern Europe. Violin, accordian, bass, viola, and several unusual stringed instruments, plus singing and dancing. (These particular musicians had just played with the SF Symphony at Davies Hall, in a special Hungarian concert.) Though the Bistro music is different each night, it is live 4 nights a week.

      Bistro E Europe is an exceptional experience--I think there is also Sunday brunch. The prices are modest, the decor and service completely informal.

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        I just went to Bistro e Europe about a month ago and had a great time. I'd recommend the place highly too, but I do think that the prices are high, when one considers that it's in a less "gentrified" neighborhood where one might expect lower rents. The prices are almost "downtown" with entrees in the mid-teens. One could get comparable dishes that are just as tasty at Cinderella (a Russian place on Balboa) for 2/3 to 1/2 the price.