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Mar 6, 2001 04:25 PM

peruvian semi-upscale mexican san francisco

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any suggestions for rick bayliss quality mexican in san francisco? also well prepared peruvian? east bay ok, hell, anywhere from san jose to santa rosa if it's that good...thanks

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  1. Maya on 303 2nd street 415) 543-6709...supposed to be really nice. It was reviewed in this month's wine enthusiast. otherwise, for something more casual, i really liked dona tomas in berkeley on telegraph at 51st. it's a great place to have a group of people.

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      We ate at Maya a few months ago - it was decent but not worth the money. Maybe somebody can chime in, but the only more "upscale" Mexican restaurants we've enjoyed are Cafe Marimba in the Marina and Guaymas (which some people dont care for, but we like) in Tiburon - great views. Casa Aguila is not upscale at all, but has some great food (Sunset District). Another hole in the wall we've enjoyed is Las Brisas de Acapulco deep in the Mission. I've heard some decent things about Pena Pacha Mama in North Beach - Bolivian food, but I would also love to find a great Peruvian restaurant - it could be a hole in the wall for all I care. For Tex-Mex, have you tried Aqui in San Jose??

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        Chiming in on Cafe Marimba....don't want to compare to anyplace else but it was started by Reed Heron who worked at the Rattlesnake Club, and now owns Rose Pistola/Italian, another celeb chef.

        Anyway great quality ingredients and food. I like the guacamole, ceviche, the queso fundito, chiles rellenos, the spicy pork, chipotle beef, the Heradura margarita.

        1. re: Anne H.

          yes! cafe marimba is amazing! i'm going there tonight, actually, and my mouth is already watering... so many options: one of my favorite dishes is the huitlacoche enchiladas, though i also order the chicken with negro mole regularly. oh, and their carne asada is amazing as well. make sure to try the different salsas that come with the chips; they're all tasty. as for drinks, they make a mean mojito.

          i have been to maya and have found it to be okay, but certainly not worth the steep price. cafe marimba is loads better and much easier on your wallet.

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          Anyone been to Estampas Peruanas in Redwood City?

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            Anyone have more comments on Pena Pacha Mama in North Beach? My interest in the place is more in hearing Sukay perform, but if the food's good too, so much the better.

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              The most wonderful Peruvian food in the bay area is Mi Lindo Peru at 3226 Mission Street in San Francisco. They have excellent lomo saltado and anticuchos and the service in impeccable.

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            Haven't been there, but Chron reviewed a Peruvian place in East Bay I've been hoping to try: Furia Chalaca, 310 B'way, Oakland.