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Jun 28, 2002 08:14 AM

Where to eat on Kent Island?

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Will be on Kent Island for a wedding in July. Any recommendations for good restaurants in the area (without having to cross the bridge to Annapolis)?

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  1. There are many expensive seafood restaurants clustered around Kent Narrows. You will see plenty of signs on Rte 50 for them. Many have geat views of the Bay. They're all supposed to be quite good, but expect long waits for table on the weekends.

    Since I'm on a budget, I'm usually found at Holly's & Harris's...

    1. Don't know the name but there is a Restaruant across from the Kent Island Narrows that is pretty much a "joint". It has excellent crabcakes and soft shell crabs. It's the sort of place with beer by the pitcher and lots of ashtrays, but it is good none the less. I think the building is yellow.

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        I believe that you're thinking about the Angeler's Inn, which had been right down from The Narrows. They also had a great breakfast. Unfortunately it burnt down, and it was never rebuilt. [Edit - I'm usually so good not replying to six year old posts...I guess it's too late now.]

      2. Not sure where you will find food for your fussy kids!!!

        1. CRABS!!! Kent Island is one of my favorite places to go to eat! I frequently drive up from Alexandria to eat at either Harris Crab House or the Crab Deck at Fisherman's Inn. Both have excellent crabs, although Harris Crab House has better options of other things. If you are interested in a more formal, very good seafood based meal, try the Narrows, it is very good and they have a lot of non-seafood options too if there are picky eaters involved. Whatever you do, avoid the non-crab deck part of Fisherman's Inn and Annies, both are overpriced and have some of the worst food that I have had all year (my grandmother often meets us there and she has her same favorites from the early 80's).

          I know that the Narrows and Harris Crab House both have reviews on, but the crab deck is right behind the Narrows (sorry I don't know the name of the road).

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            Harris' might not have the most sophisticated seafood cooking around, but it does do good crabs and other basic seafood. It's really a beer-and-crab sort of place, and the waits are L-O-N-G, especially on weekends in the summer. While the waits aren't great with kids in tow, the restaurant is very child friendly. Not cheap (seafood isn't cheap), but I think it's a good place for what you get.

            I was there in mid-May for my birthday and we basically had the place to ourselves, sat on the upstairs deck, and had the soft-shell crab bargain of the year -- "po' boys" with 3 very lightly battered crabs on 8" sub rolls, with really, really good tartar sauce, and french fries - $9.99!! It was an incredible deal.

          2. Kentmoor or the Kent Manor Inn.

            Both have excellent food.


            Follow Route 8 to Kentmoor Road, turn right.
            Proceed along Kentmoor Road until you come to the Kentmoor Harbor Marina & Restaurant at 910 Kentmoor Road