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Mar 1, 2001 01:42 PM

Poultry stores in SF that sell fresh duck ?

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I am looking for poultry stores in San Francisco that sell duck, preferably fresh. I am most interested in just pieces (breasts would be best)and not the whole duck.

If the store is located near or around Noe Valley, that would be a plus :-)

Thanks, Mary

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  1. Little City in North Beach usually has good and fresh duck and these guys will cut a cow in the shape of the Eiffel Tower if you ask them. They're wonderful.

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    1. re: Sean
      Mary Elizabeth McManamon

      thanks, Sean for the tip re: Little City in North Beach.


      1. re: Mary Elizabeth McManamon

        Polarica out in China Basin sells all types of hard to find poultry including fresh boned quail at reasonable prices. It's not really a retail outlet so it's best to call and place an order even if it's a small amount.

        1. re: Rochelle

          Many Chinese meat markets on Stockton or Clement sell fresh whole ducks. They tend to be rather fatty birds, though. Sonoma poultry Co. supplies whole ducks, duck parts, and duck *fat*--indispensable for making confit--to resataurants but will deliver (via UPS) to your home--check their web site for details.
          Viglizzo's tower Market on Portola (uphill from Noe Valley) sells Grimaud ducks and duck breasts but I prefer the Sonoma Poultry birds for flavor.