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Jun 21, 2002 01:22 PM

Authentic So. American Food

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Anybody know of any authentic Colombian or Ecuadorian restaurants in the DC area? I've suddenly got a craving...

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  1. Of course, there are many great Bolivian and Peruvian restaurants all over town (esp. in NoVa). Tyler Cowan lists only one Ecuadorean spot, La Choza Grill (8558 Lee Highway, Merrifield, 1/2 mile west of Gallows; 560-1192), about which he says "I like the Seco (lamb stew with rice and potatoes) as well. They've added some Mexican dishes to the menu since I have been here
    last, which is probably a step backwards. But it is still the same owner, and if you live in the immediate area, as I once did, you will find yourself coming back here." (Sounds good -- anyone been?)

    Here are the places Cowan lists for Columbian (with his descriptions):

    "El Sombrerito, 8609 Cameron St., Silver Spring, 301-588-2231, usually open. Hearty food in large portions.

    Brasa Roja, Main St., just east of downtown Fairfax, near Roberts Road, in the mall with Total Crafts. Another branch 8215 Georgia Ave., 301-495-0092. Excellent rotisserie chicken and steaks, especially for Fairfax. The best yucca of the chicken places, also. Plus they serve a variety of good Peruvian dishes. Mexican food here better than in many places. It only pretends to be Colombian, more pan-Latin than anything.

    Montserrat, Glebe Rd., between 50 and 66. I went once and found the meat too tough, though the red beans and rice were excellent. The place has potential, but still needed to work out some kinks.

    Los Arrieros, Georgia Ave., Silver Spring. They have Mexican dishes also, I have not yet been."

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    1. re: Marty L.

      We have been big La Choza Grill fans for a while but I have a word of caution.

      A few weeks ago one of Mrs. W.'s co-workers (also a big fan of the place) took some co-workers and he reported that the place was, shall we say, infested with roaches. The server stomped one with her heel.

      Now, this might have been a one-time thing. Let's hope.

      1. re: Bob W.

        My Bakery and Cafe is a terrific Bolivian resturant right near 7 corners on Columbia Pike. Wonderful array of meals as well as baked goods. Definitely check out the Saltenas and Tres Leches cake. They're to die for!

        1. re: LizC

          Oops! I just realized that I responded to a post more than 7 years old and LizC, who I thought might have been a fairly new poster is probaby no longer around. But anyway . . .

          I've had the saltenas at My Bakery, but that's about it. What else would you recommend as a lunch? (I'm old enough to know that I shouldn't have tres leches or any other kind of cake for lunch).

          I'd like to have something different there, but the descriptions of some of the other food items just don't sound very appealing - which is probably more a fault with the description than with the food item itself.

    2. There are two columbian restaurants in the area.

      Los Arrieros
      7926 Georgia Ave.
      Silver Spring MD 20910-4837
      301 495 9459

      Monserrate Restaurant
      85 N. Glebe Road
      Arlington VA 22203-3703
      703 528 2789

      I have not tried any of them. Let us have your opinion after you tried them.

      Where they are located they should be inexpensive and very authentic.

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      1. re: naruda

        I have tried Los Arrieros, it's not that great. Not terrible, just not great. Has good service and fair prices though.

        The real find is the little tienda next door called La Fonda Paisa. There you can grab authentic Colombian cheese breads like Almojabana, pan de yuca, and Bonuelos, as well as the best Colombian empanadas you can get this side of Bogota. Go there, grab a seat, order some empanadas with manzana postobon soda or colombiana soda, some cheese breads and eat like a Colombian king.

      2. Victors in Falls Church. The one in the stand alone building south of Broad, but not quite as far as the German Gourmet.

        The second one here (original location):

        And I haven't been in a while, but what's the place in pink next to Bob and Ediths II?

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        1. re: Dennis S

          Aclacatl. Answered my own question.

          On, and Pollo Inka in Herndon.

          1. re: Dennis S

            You mean the place that used to be Bob and Edith's II? I believe it is now closed. Looked it.

            1. re: justaddwater

              Next to that - the blazing pink building with a very small parking lot - aclatl, I think.

          2. La Cazuela in Baltimore got good write ups at one time.