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Jun 20, 2002 06:35 PM

Adams Morgan Wings

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As a recent Washington, DC immigrant (been in Baltimore for four years) and a newcomer to the Adams Morgan neighborhood, I'm in search of really good buffalo wings. I used to go to Bill Bateman's in Baltimore, but I don't have anything to fix my need down here. All suggestions appreciated!



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  1. Sorry, no good wings in Adams Morgan. If you are tempted to try the wings at Cluck-U on 18th, resist. They are awful awful awful.

    Are there good wings in DC? Anyone?

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    1. re: Fattdawg

      The closest thing to real authentic Buffalo wings in DC I have found is at Hard Rock Cafe. I know thats sad but everyone else thinks bbq or sweet and sour sauce are considered buffalo wings!

      Good luck!

    2. try the Tombs in Gtown (prospect street, below 1789)-- when I was in college I was addicted to them...but that was (gulp) 12 years ago.

      1. The wings at Stetson's are fantastic - meaty, breaded properly, with actual buffalo sauce (also available in bbq), and are only a quarter apiece on wednesday nights

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        1. re: ilmustachio

          Hmmm... Stetson's is highly suspect. Buffalo Wings are not supposed to be breaded!