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Mar 1, 2001 12:10 AM

Help! Need caterer for Bar Mitzvah!

  • j

Need caterer for East Bay outdoor summer Bar Mitzvah luncheon. Do NOT want to do the typical stand in long line for someone in a paper chef hat to carve a slice off a hunk of really awful roast beef. Don't understand why Bar Mitzvahs meals are synonymous with bad food. Has anyone used Market Hall/Pasta Shop caterers? Have read postings on Carter Brown Catering and Elaine Bell--where would I find them? Many thanks for any recommendations.

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  1. Elaine Bell works ot of Sonoma, CA. Call 707 963 5299

    1. j
      judy leibovitch

      We used Elaine Bell and found her wonderful to work with in plannning out Jewish wedding, however we did it "kosher style." You don't mention whether you would like to keep your event kosher or not. If that is important, you may find it helpful to check the ads in the Jewish Bulletin.
      Anyway, Elaine is in Sonoma, as another ch'er has posted. I once worked a wedding in Walnut Creek where the caterer was Forks and Fingers in Novato 883-1900 which did a fabulous job. I worked as grad student for a professor's wedding, and so have no affiliation with them. I particularly remember they set up a barbecue and did barbecued oysters and beef skewers that were wonderful.

      1. There's a wonderful caterer out of Marin, Jennifer Carvaly, who will travel anywhere in the greater Bay area including the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

        Hers is the best catered food I have ever had, bar none and her staff is impecable.

        She's very familiar with Jewish traditions and I have enjoyed her meals at many celebrations from birth and Bar Mitzvah to Passover.

        As she is a private caterer and not a large company her prices will be higher, but as her services include everything down to the smallest detail I feel she's quite a value. We never worry with her at the helm.