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Jun 18, 2002 10:27 AM

What the Hell is Treakle?

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Could you please explain what Treakle is? Also, why is it loved?

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  1. Treakle is the Brittish equivilant of molassas. If anyone actually does enjoy the stuff, it is probably because their mum spread it one their toast in the mornings of hazy childhood memory - the same reason and Aussie might actually claim affection for Vegamite.

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      Yes, Treacle (sic) is the dark version of what we Brits call syrup (made from cane sugar or Beet sugar not corn)treacle tarts, treacle toffee or, my favorite, steamed syrup pudding. This desert would probably count as child abuse these days as its a steamed suet sponge cooked with syrup on the bottom and served with Custard. Gotta love it! I'd better go now before I start bemoaning the fact that I can't get any fresh gooseberries to make a goosgog crumble