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Jun 14, 2002 09:09 PM

Balto. chowspots

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Heading up to Linthicum and the Maritime Trades Center
next month with a horde of other chowbeasts. Could anyone recommend some outstanding local favorites?
Seafood for sure, but also pit beef, Italian, Asian and
just-plain-good would be fine. Also friendly and/or
eccentric taverns (shuffleboard table a bonus; no skull
orchards, please). Many thanks!

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  1. G & M on Hammonds Ferry @ Nursery for fantastic crabcakes (a couple exits east of I95 on the Baltimore beltway).

    The Olive Grove is also on Hammonds Ferry, up a little from Nursery. Good Italian and crabcakes, and they have the unlimited salad and breadsticks Olive Garden may have stolen from them.