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Jun 14, 2002 01:02 PM

pica deli in arlington

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i have thoroughly enjoyed
all but one of the sandwiches
i've had at pica deli
on washington
in arlington.
i'm not sure if their
italian hero
rivals the italian store,
but their vegetarian favorite
with roasted peppers
artichoke hearts
cheese (moz my choice)
on a sun-dried tomato wrap
was most excellent.
i also like their
sausage onion peppers sandwich.
ponte vecchio
(the aged prosciutto sandwich)
was just okay.
i suppose it could have been better
had i not opted for
domestic prosciutto.

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  1. ooh ooh pls tell us where on Wash Blvd this is, thanks

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    1. re: Jamie D

      pica deli gourmet & wines
      3471 n. washington blvd.

      they have a decent selection
      of wine
      and other gourmet treats
      like olive spreads
      and fiery hot mama zuma potato chips.

      fri/sat nites are also
      steak & seafood dinner nites.
      haven't tried that