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Jun 13, 2002 06:53 PM

Mike's American Grill Springfield

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Would love to hear your thoughts on Mike's American Grill in Springfield.
I was told by people who have been there that the food is great. Prices seem a bit high, any thoughts on that ?
Would love to hear from others too.

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  1. I've never been able to sample their food because the wait is VERY long. As much as 2 hours on a Friday or Saturday and both times we went the wait went over their estimated time. They're part of the Great American Restaurants chains -- Sweetwater Tavern, Arties, Silverado's and Carlyse Grand, so if you've been to any of those places you've had the same food you'll get at Mike's American.

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      My sister's been to Joe's American Grill and claims that it isn't as good as Sweetwater, although I've never been to Joe's.

      That said, I find Sweetwater overpriced for the food, which is inoffensive, but rarely great. And I have yet to eat a meal there that we haven't had to send back to the kitchen because there was something wrong, (meat cooked rare, then well done, forgot to remove the mushrooms, didn't bring out the mashed potatos...)

      So if you add those pieces of advice together...Although like I've said, I haven't eaten at Joe's personally, so my comments should be taken with a grain of salt. Should you be able to get in, you'll have to let us know how it stands up.

      1. re: Jenjamin

        Not sure if we are talking about the same place, you keep calling it Joe's and i am talking about Mike's in Springfield.

    2. MIKE's American Grill in Springfield (not to be confused with Joe's-wherever that may be) is exactly what it states. It's an American Grill, with a bit of a SW accent, that offers very good food, a lot of it - therefore the pricing, and some really interesting and well prepared items such as: Mahi Mahi, grilled, served over a bed of cous cous with roasted corn relish and a splash of a creamy cilantro sauce; a pulled pork barbecue(red/vinegar) sandwich topped with very thin crisp fried onion rings (that are heavenly, though not lite)and a delicious home made tasting creamy cole slaw with a side of very yummy thin sliced fries; and, in season, wonderful filling-free crab cakes with the right sides. It does not pretend to be French or Italian or Indian or anything else but "American with a SW flair".
      As far as the wait is concerned, totally unnecessary.
      If you call ahead they will hold a table for you, though not give a genuine reservation, I've not had to wait more than 10 minutes. As with any restaurant Friday is a very difficult evening to be seated without a wait around 6-7 PM, so plan accordingly.
      Carlyle Grand in Shirlington is the flagship of the restaurant group and offers a more international flavor and is also quite good. Go and enjoy!