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Jun 13, 2002 03:23 PM

Thai in NOVA

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I am looking for some great thai restaurants in NOVA, more specifically in Arlington/Falls Church/Tysons area. Can anybody help? Thank you in advance!

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  1. Bailey's Crossroads has Duangrats (a little fancier) and Rabieng (more regional cuisine) which both serve some of the best Thai food I've ever had outside of mom's cooking.

    1. My fav's are Rabieng and Neisha in Bailey's Crossroands, and Crystal Thai in Arlington (except for the crispy fried fish). TK's in Springfield is also quite good though in a drab strip center, the others are in more interesting strip centers!

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        There's a branch of Neisha Thai at Tysons Corner Center (outside entrance). It has the same Polynesian-accented Thai as the original, but can be pretty tame on the spices (presumably to appeal to a mall crowd).

        However, if you ask, they'll increase the heat level. (the waiter came back to confirm that I really wanted the kitchen to make the kao pad talay extra hot - I did, they did, and it was very good)

        I've been to the original Tara Thai in Vienna several times - first meal was excellent, but subsequent ones have been less stellar (not bad, but not worth the cramped environment).

      2. Ditto on the previously mentioned places. Neisha Thai has a smaller location on Leesburg Pike, Falls Church in the Culmore Shopping Center. Thaiphoon in Pentagon City is supposedly "americanized" but I find it tasty (soft shell crab with chili-garlic sauce, honey ginger duck and drunken noodles are faves). There's also a little gem called Po Siam in Arlandria (on Glebe/Mt.Vernon). All of these places have good value. Duangrat's has a nicer atmosphere and is a little pricier.