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Jun 13, 2002 12:31 PM

Ginger Beer

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I've seen discussion of Blenheim's and other ginger ales/beers, and know there are many better choices out there than the standard soda aisle selections. It's nice to find a forum that identifies where to find some of the more obscure products.

I recently received a case of Blenheim's hot ginger ale and was impressed with its spicy flavor. However, I find it lacking the punch of some ginger beers and am wondering if anyone who has tried the Blenheim's ginger beer can offer a comparison to their hot ginger ale.

Also, my friends and I have found that Goya's ginger beer (which I see mostly in Latin food markets or at Giant) is quite good, especially in a Dark and Stormy. Seeing no specific mention of it in the posted comments on ginger ale/beer, I thought I'd throw it out there.

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  1. Goya's and Gosling's Black Seal rum!! You da man Harry.