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Jun 12, 2002 08:03 PM

Dinner near Inner Harbor w/ kids

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Something w/in walking distance near the Harbor. Ideally seafood (crabs(hard or soft)) and chicken fingers ect. for the kids. Something not expensive. I know its a tall order, if not seafood, I hear Little Italy is close and good. Past that, we are completely open if someone has a great suggestion. It's be 4 adults and 3 kids (6,9,13).

BTW, what a cool site!

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  1. In my opinion, Little Italy would be quite a hike for a small one. There are some really fun restaurants right at the inner harbor. You can get just about anything you want and the food is fine.

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    1. re: Kay

      I know the food if fine, I love Philips rawbar, been there many times. We are on a budget this time, though. I need someplace where we can be more concervative in the pricing.

      1. re: Philpug

        Then you don't want Little Italy--waaaaay overpriced. There's a cheaper Italian place called Mondo Bondo across the street from ESPN Zone in that big night club plaza. Its not fancy, but, a good deal, and I saw they have some kid specials. As for seafood in the Inner Harbor, again, I don't know if your really in the right place for bargains. Probably cheapest will be the chains, like Hard Rock or Cheesecake Factory. I guess the Wharf Rat on Pratt St. isn't too expensive and at least the beer is good. It's more family friendly then the bar version in Fell's Pt.

        1. re: peckish

          How far is the Warf Rat from the harbor? Is there any menus posted on the web? or do they have a site?

          1. re: Philpug

            The Wharf Rat is right across from Camden Yards at 206 W. Pratt Street. I don't see a menu for them on the web, but if you do a search on "Wharf Rat" and "Pratt" you'll get some reviews. Mostly bar food. I've only eaten at the branch in Fells Point, but the pizza and mussels are pretty good.

            You might want to try Amici's in Little Italy. Much cheaper than the rest of the Italian restaurants. I'm indifferent to it, but it's been suggested on several occasions.

            The only other suggestion I have is the Power Plant--it's located a few blocks from the Harbor, and it has five or six different places. The great thing about it is that has an arena licence, which means that you can walk around from place to place (even with an adult beverage) and it has lots of outdoor seating. That's where Mondo Bondo is.

          2. re: peckish

            I was just in Manhattan for a concert, and the after show party was at the NYC Hard Rock. I wasn't expecting greatness, but I thought it would at least be as edible as Chili's or something of that sort.

            It was HORRIBLE. How do they stay in business? I know not to expect much from a chain/theme/tourist trap, but I've had better meals at Burger King. I see lines all the time at the Power Plant waiting to get in.

            Oh, and by the way, the Manhattan chowhounds were ultra helpful. I had some very good meals in NYC.