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Jun 12, 2002 01:29 PM

mongolian bbq

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looking for a
mongolian bbq place.
pile the noodles
and other goodies
and they fry it up
going in circles.
i've been to a place
in chinatown dc.
perhaps any in nova?

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  1. Empress Garden, in McLean (7403-D Anderson Road) is a buffet place that includes mongolian bbq at dinnertime.

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    1. re: Lori D

      Golden China, in Chantilly (Sully Plaza, Route 50 at Centreville Rd.), has mongolian bbq plus a not-bad buffet all the time.

    2. There's one at Worldgate in Herndon near Matsutake. They have a lunchtime Chinese buffet in addition to the enormous bowl of food you received. I have a hard time believing this is truly Mongolian food, however.

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      1. re: Jeffrey

        On that note, can someone tell me what exactly Mongolian BBQ *should* be? Is this an gimmicky invention by Chinese restaurant owners to diversify their offerings? As far as I can tell, none of the ingredients seem to be indigenous to just Mongolia. Is there a certain dish I should watch for?

        1. re: Jeffrey

          Your question got me thinking, and since I hadn't done my google search of the day...

          The link following is what I came up with. The site seems pretty interesting, as does the cookbook they recommend, although I probably won't be trying any of their meat recipes anytime soon. I may have to weigh down my increasingly heavy cook book shelves once again.


      2. There is a Flat Top Grill in Ballston and I believe that is an attempt at Mongolian BBQ.

        1. Tony Cheng's 621 H Street in Chinatown.
          BD's, 7201 Wisconsin, Bethesda.
          Mongolian Grill, 7710 Wisconsin, Bethesda (my personal favorite).