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Jun 11, 2002 04:25 PM

Boulevard Woodgrill

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Anybody been yet? Planning a birthday party for eight people.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I've been a couple of times in the past few weeks and have really enjoyed it. The calamari was perfect; the quesadilla was more like a full meal than an appetizer and very packed with chicken. I really liked the salmon over greens as well. In general, everything was great and I was so impressed with the number of wines by the glass that they have. The Pacific Echo sparkling wine is an excellent deal at $8/glass. I have eaten on the patio each time and the service has been really good. One time, I even showed up very early alone and waited for a couple hours while drinking a couple of glasses of champagne and studying and the perfect amount of attention was given the entire time; always a waiter was accessible, my glass was never empty but I was not bothered at all. Overall, I am quite impressed with the place and am so happy to have it nearby.

    1. one word of caution - when my vegetarian wife and I checked this place out about a month ago, they had NO vegetarian entrees. If there's a serious veggie contingent in your group, I'd call ahead to see if that situation has improved.

      1. I have eaten there twice and like the food - the cole slaw and the french fries are simply outstanding. Two words of caution - (1) Don't order the margaritas - I sent mine back because they use sour mix to make them! What a way to ruin some good tequila . . . (2) I found that their menu items tend to be a bit overcomplicated, i.e. instead of a basic cheeseburger, you get a burger, cheese, bacon, mushrooms, etc. I found almost all their entrees to be that way. That being said, the server was more than happy to alter my selection and eliminate one or two ingredients to uncomplicate my choice. And the burger was GOOD!

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        1. re: Nancy

          only been there for lunch.
          have to agree
          with nancy
          i loved their cole slaw and fries.
          i had a pulled pork sandwich
          and really enjoyed it.